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Dr. Lee Hartley
Services Provided

Dr. Hartley offers the following services to clients of all ages:

  • Educational and career counseling
  • Career Testing
  • Career planning after an absence of more than 3 years from the workforce
  • Career coaching related to resumes and finding a job 
Dr. Hartley will help you choose the services that will most benefit you. Together, you will review or investigate:
  • Your educational background
  • Your developed skills and your work history
  • Any physical / health issues that need to be considered   
  • An absense from the workforce due to illness, childcare, incarceration or injury  
  • Help in dealing with a current work situation

On the basis of this information, Dr. Hartley will guide you through the process to assist you to create a plan. This may include:

  • Completing some assessment instruments that will identify your work interests, values, and personality characteristics 
  • Providing you with an overview of your present career options
  • Creating timelines to reach your career goals 
  • Determining the cost of the education or training to reach your goal
  • Information about your work related strengths and weaknesses
  • Learning stress reduction techniques or positive conflict resolution to assist you through the process
  • Assistance in creating a new career in retirement
Assessment instruments are completed online. Then Dr. Hartley reviews the results with you.  

Career counseling, testing and coaching are processes appropriate for people of all ages, from teens to those soon to retire.