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Dr. Lee Hartley
See Yourself Clearly
Tests can help you to clarify your strengths, your likes and where you want to go from a career standpoint. Dr. Hartley can help you choose the assessment instruments that will increase your confidence in you own ability
to make appropriate decisions. Learn more about your own:
  • Personality
  • Communication patterns
  • Career interests
  • Risk taking ability
  • Leadership skills
  • Academic comfort level
  • Stress resiliency
  • Conflict resolution style
  • Values
Self-understanding greatly enhances your chances of selecting a career path for which you are well-suited and that leads to greater productivity and a higher level of work satisfaction.

Career Testing to Help You Map Your Way
Taking some career assessments can assist you to clarify your career goal whether you are :
  • Entering a certificate training program or entering college
  • Choosing a college major
  • Beginning a training program
  • Wanting to change your career
  • Returning to work after an absence
The more information you have "about you" the better your decisions will be.