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Dr. Lee Hartley
Decisions, Decisions
Selecting a college major or a career focus are big decisions!
Knowing a lot about yourself will help you decide on career goals / your ambitions / your interests / your abilities and your values. Find out by taking some vocation related tests / assessments and then review the results with Dr. Hartley. This process will give you a good understanding of yourself and help you to make decisions that could effect you for the rest of your life.  

Each of the following assessments can provide you with more information about your patterns related to:
  • Communication - provides information about your interpersonal communication style and building relationships
  • Career interests - this assessment instrument not only measures your interests, but also, if you tend to function better in short or long term educational programs, what's your leadership style and your comfort in risk taking  
  • Behavior dynamics - identifies your personality characteristics which affect your communications, performance, decision making and how you deal with change 
The results of these assessments can help to guide you toward rewarding educational programs, careers and leisure activities.

Remember a career is not a one-time decision, but rather it is built on a series of decisions that you make over your lifetime.