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Dr. Lee Hartley
Changing Careers

Instead of making changes do you keep driving around the same block?

Career change is something that people think and talk about a lot. Often they mull over the same work related issues over and over again. Often they’re mentally stuck "driving around the same block" over and over again, just going around in circles. They seldom come up with a plan and pursue it. Career change can be a really scary!  

The first step is to determine if it's the work you are doing that you dislike or is it something else that's causing a problem. Many people are so unhappy with what’s going on in their job that they think they need to make a complete career change. However, that may not be true. Often it’s something related to the people, the environment or the way the business is run that's the real problem.

Here are some of the potential present job problems:

  • The boss is not dealing with something another employee is doing (or not doing) that is affecting the entire group/ team/ department 
  • A co-worker is not following directions and you have to re-do a lot of what he/she is doing and it’s affecting your ability to get your work done 
  • You are expected to be available 24/7 online or on the phone and you feel stressed most of the time
  •   The computer software or a piece of equipment is outdated or not working correctly and there’s a domino effect that’s slowing down the process and affecting everyone who uses it
  • Long work hours are expected and not appreciated  
  • It takes forever for decisions to be made and it’s frustrating because then there is always a rush to get things done 
  • You need better boundaries so that you don’t allow yourself to be interrupted too often
  •  A co-worker doesn’t work when the boss is not there and the rest of the “team” feel they have to pick up the slack 
  • Time lines are always underestimated and this creates stress and pressure 
  • Lack of organization and focus that causes confusion 
  • You aren't as assertive as you need to be

You may be assuming that these same problems exist in all jobs with the same job title as yours. You may think that the issue "just goes with the territory" in all jobs where the same or similar work is being done. However, that may not be true! It’s possible that the same job in another place could be very different. The secret may not be in changing careers, but rather working in another company. Sometimes  people can find a way to be happier in their work without a complete career change. In that way you would not have to press the "reset button" and start all over again.

What does earning "enough" mean to you? 

Of course, the term "enough" is arbitrary. What may be "enough" to you may not be "enough" for someone else. Be sure to give the subject of “potential earning power” some thought before you decide on a career change. This needs to be a conscious choice on your part because you'll live with the consequences for a long time. Dr. Hartley can help you determine how your career change will affect your potential income.